Verisign Patents Technology that Prevents Bitcoin Double Spending

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Verisign, a digital signing and confidence solutions provider has recently changed to obvious a record that prevents double spending. The record in doubt can effectively detect and forestall digital resources like bitcoin and other cryptocurrency from being double spent, so safeguarding a interests of a receiver.

Most digital currencies work regulating a singular use cryptographic key. This pivotal can be eliminated usually once for a transaction to be deliberate valid. When mixed exchange are conducted regulating a same cryptographic key, usually one of these mixed exchange will be famous and rest will be deserted automatically. This is an critical underline that prevents people from holding an undue advantage of a digital item by creation mixed copies of a same cryptographic pivotal and regulating it to control mixed exchange (after all ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ are a many widely used functions on any computer).

In a patent application, Verisign nowhere mentions that a record is privately meant for digital banking industry. The obvious application, now accessible for open to determine and lift any objections is patrician “Systems, Devices and Methods for Detecting Double Signing in a One-time Use Signature Scheme”. The application, for a transparent bargain of what a record does, gives

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