Verizon Fined $1.35 Million For The Use Of “Supercookies”

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According to a news release from the FCC, the FCC announced a settlement that resolves the investigation into Verizon for its use of unique identifier headers (UIDH), better known as “supercookies”, which were inserted into customers’ mobile traffic without their consent or knowledge.

“These unique, undeletable identifiers – referred to as UIDH –are inserted into web traffic and used to identify customers in order to deliver targeted ads from Verizon and other third parties.”

Subsequent to this investigation and settlement, Verizon will now “[notify] consumers about its targeted advertising programs, … obtain customers’ opt-in consent before sharing UIDH with third  parties, and will obtain customers’ opt-in or opt-out consent before sharing UIDH internally within the Verizon corporate family.”

Not only will Verizon change its policies, but it will be fined $1.35 million.

“Verizon Wireless will pay a fine to the United States Treasury in the amount of one million, three hundred fifty thousand dollars ($1,350,000) within thirty (30) calendar days of the Effective Date. Verizon Wireless shall send electronic notification of payment to [email protected] on the date said payment is made. The payment must be made by check or similar instrument, wire transfer, or credit card, … Regardless of the form

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