Veteran Tor Contributor Exits, Takes Critical Node Down

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The Tor network is about to lose Tonga, a crucial piece of the onion network that functions as a Bridge Authority, according to announcement on the Tor blog. The announcement was posted by an original Tor contributor known as Lucky Green – who decided the time was right for him to step away from any involvement in the Tor community.

Lucky Green has been an important member of Tor’s history from the very beginning. His involvement started before Tor was ever called Tor and before the software we have today ever existed. Not only has he generously contributed time and money, he says in his announcement, but he also runs and maintains essential parts of Tor’s core. The Tonga node is one of these parts.

Bridge Authorities, like Tonga, are required for letting Tor users get around ISP-level blocks on a network. Some internet service providers, for instance, restrict access to certain websites for one reason or another – and Bridge Authorities prevent the ISP from intercepting those requests. In addition to initializing a substitute for Tonga, developers are going to have to push a Tor update since Bridge Authorities are hard coded in the software.

On the 31st of August,

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