ViaBTC Calls for a Bitcoin Hardfork

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ViaBTC, that now controls around 15% of a network hashrate in multiple with Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Unlimited pool, has called for a hardfork to ascent bitcoin’s transaction capacity.

“Drop a matter of SegWit, let’s tough flare together,” followed by a resounding no to a doubt of either there is anything core could do to make ViaBTC support segwit, are usually some of a open statements done by a new pool that has unexpected taken a fourth position in network hashrate distribution. we reached out to improved know a clearly changing alignments in a good discuss by seeking either ViaBTC is to retard segwit. Speaking to CCN, ViaBTC owner and CEO Haipo Yang stated:


I’m not perplexing to stop Segregated Witness from existing, I’m perplexing to forestall SegWit and Lightning Network from being upheld by as a usually scalability resolution for Bitcoin, since a Lightning Network is not Bitcoin.


Segwit is now designed to close in usually one trail for bitcoin – a mutation of a network into an IOU allotment complement that has never been attempted nor tested before essentially since of a 75% bonus for transaction signatures. This changes bitcoin’s economics according to some Bitcoin Core developers, such as Jeff Garzick,

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