ViaBTC Calls for a Bitcoin Hardfork

ViaBTC, which now controls around 15% of the network hashrate in combination with Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Unlimited pool, has called for a hardfork to upgrade bitcoin’s transaction capacity.

“Drop the matter of SegWit, let’s hard fork together,” followed by a resounding no to the question of whether there is anything core could do to make ViaBTC support segwit, are just some of the public statements made by the new pool that has suddenly taken the fourth position in network hashrate distribution. I reached out to better understand the seemingly changing alignments in the great debate by asking whether ViaBTC is to block segwit. Speaking to CCN, ViaBTC founder and CEO Haipo Yang stated:


I’m not trying to stop Segregated Witness from existing, I’m trying to prevent SegWit and Lightning Network from being passed through as the only scalability solution for Bitcoin, because the Lightning Network is not Bitcoin.


Segwit is currently designed to lock in only one path for bitcoin – a transformation of the network into an IOU settlement system that has never been tried nor tested before primarily because of a 75% discount for transaction signatures. This changes bitcoin’s economics according to some Bitcoin Core developers, such as Jeff Garzick,

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