Video Experiment Shows YouTube Stars Can Earn More Revenue With Bitcoin Micropayments

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Micropayments have been touted as one of Bitcoin’s categorical use cases given a early days of a technology, and a new hearing of a Bitcoin-powered calm height PopChest by YouTube Star NurdRage indicates that these claims might not be overblown. 

NurdRage has been contrast out several choice calm monetization schemes lately, and a exam of PopChest generated a 400 percent boost in income for a science-focused YouTube channel.

Past Tests With Bitcoin-Focused Content

The early contrast belligerent for PopChest’s micropayments-based calm monetization indication has been TheProtocol.TV. Although people can see how Bitcoin-powered micropayments could work in theory, a existence is that not many people are holding bitcoins right now. TheProtocol.TV supposing PopChest with a useful contrast ground, that focused on calm generated for those who are expected to already reason bitcoins.

TheProtocol.TV has been means to grasp some early success with calm focused during people who are meddlesome in Bitcoin or blockchain technology. An talk with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has generated 225 paid views during 49 cents each.

NurdRage Gets Positive Results

The genuine exam for PopChest took place progressing this year when a startup ventured out of a Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin Magazine recently held adult with PopChest

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