Visa Europe Expects Mobile Payments To Triple By 2020

If Visa Europe has a say in the matter, most of us will be using mobile credit card payments within 18 months from now. While credit card payments are convenient for the consumer, they also bring quite the security risk to the table in terms of chargebacks, fraud, and cards being misused. Bitcoin is another payment method that has been available on mobile devices for quite some time now. Which one is most convenient? Let’s find out.

Using Your Mobile Phone for Daily Payments

It has to be said, paying in a store or at a cafe with your mobile device is quite exciting. Rather than taking out your wallet, fumbling with cash or trying to determine whether or not this place accepts credit cards, all you need is a smartphone or tablet. And in this day and age, most of us are carrying a smartphone on us most of the time.

According to a recent study conducted by Visa Europe, one in four Brits expects to use their mobile phone for daily payments by 2020 at the latest. If that target would be achieved, that would triple the number of people using their mobile

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