Visa Europe’s Initiative: The ‘Apple App Store’ for Bitcoin Startups

Visa Europe’s Collab, the company’s digital innovation initiative, has begun searching for bitcoin startups within the digital payments scene with the hopes of creating “an Apple App Store” of Bitcoin startups.

Bitcoin companies qualified for its program called “a religion of a 100-day sprint proof of concept” will become a part of Visa’s proof of concept stage, where they will be given opportunities to test their platforms and technologies at Visa Europe.

Visa Collab

IBTimes interviewed Steve Perry, chief digital officer and the founder and co-creator of Visa Europe Collab about Visa’s general focus in the cryptocurrency. Perry stated:

“We have just started to meet some startups in blockchain. We still haven’t put any into proof of concept yet. They are under non-disclosure agreements.”

During the interview, Perry spent most of his time explaining the “lack of control and regulation” behind the bitcoin blockchain and that Visa still needs to do a research behind the technological capabilities of the blockchain and its potential applications can be adopted by the credit card giant.

“What I still question, with respect to blockchain, is the whole concept of a new settlements system that seems to work adequately well today, that is regulated and controlled for the

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