Visa explored Bitcoin

A new report says the credit card company Visa will soon begin to explore Bitcoin and the digital currency underlying blockchain technology in more detail. In an interview with the Indian online magazine Livemint said the Visa vice president of technology Rjata Teneja that investigations will take place in a separate visa laboratory. The laboratories were prepared according Tenja for improving the Visa payment methods and the mVisa products.

Prior to Visa digital currency was over pretty indifferent and said it did not see any threat in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Later, however, the company relented and did not reject it out of hand, possibly to support future Bitcoin as payment method.

Visas Bengaluro currently employs 400 scientists to be increased to 1,000 total engineering one. “Not all are related to Bitcon and blockchain tasks to work,” said Taneja. In the article is further written that Visa takes a partnership with the two companies Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services in Recital. Both companies are also focusing on blockchain projects.

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