Visa & Mastercard Execs Have Plenty to Say About Bitcoin

It seems like Bitcoin has been the only thing worth following in the mainstream for the last week or so. Granted, good news has been in short supply for the digital currency. Yet, before the massive leaps and bounds of Bitcoin’s price over the last few days, the mainstream has been sure to ignore Bitcoin, only to befriend its online ledger brother, Blockchain. Well, according to Fortune magazine, executives in the highest places of economic industry have had plenty to say about Bitcoin. Let’s see where executives stand on “The Honey Badger of Money.”

Some surprising commentary from Uphold CEO Anthony Watson

Bitcoin is short on friends these days, except when its price blows the markets away. After reviewing all of the commentaries, the most surprisingly negative comments came from Uphold’s Anthony Watson.

Uphold recently changed its name from BitReserve, and handled over US$400,000,000 in Bitcoin transactions, but has changed its focus away from Bitcoin solely, and towards a more varied economic market strategy. These comments reflect that disconnect rather profoundly. Given Watson’s banking background, formerly of Barclays, his movement being in lockstep with the banking industry may not be such a surprise after

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