Visa Partners With Bitcoin Payment Processor Stripe

In order to take Bitcoin as a payment method to the next level, a lot of things will have to change and evolve in the coming years.  Stripe, one of the few Bitcoin payment processors that are known outside of the digital currency world, has raised more funding and partnered with Visa to take their business further than ever before.

Stripe: Bitcoin, Credit Cards Money In GeneralStripe

One of the main reasons why Stripe has become so popular has nothing to do with Bitcoin payments, even though that is a nice bonus.  Stripe is also a major credit card processor in the United States, and despite their branching out to alternative payments, credit cards remain the company’s bread and butter.

It should come as no surprise then to find out that Stripe has partnered with Visa, one of the largest credit card companies in the world. Both Stripe and Visa will be collaborating on a project to improve and facilitate digital transactions with credit cards.  Buy buttons for websites, as well as payment security, are two topics lightly touched upon during the announcement.

This agreement is a major milestone for the company, especially when

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