Visit Dragon’s Tale and Find the Most Exotic Four in a Row Game

Dragon’s Tale is a Bitcoin Casino far different from what you are used to finding. It is the only gambling site in whole Bitcoin gambling industry to offer a game that puts together two of the most appreciated gaming genres on the internet – gambling and role-playing game. Rainy falls is a skill based game somewhat similar to the game called Four in a Row.

In Dragon’s Tale, the players are going to be playing a hero quest while also being able to gamble. The game interface is a 3D virtual world where players can find the most exotic casino games ever. One of these fun games is the Rainy Falls. This game is one of many games that have an ‘Unlock Quest’ which must be performed before the game may be played.

To unlock Rainy Falls players must go around the Dragon’s Tale virtual world trying to find the following items in-game: 2 X Calligraphy Sets, 2 X Sake Bottle Cup Sets, 2 X Copies of ‘The Book Of Tang, 2 X Pictures Of A Mountain.

The aim of the game is to create a loop of coins in the same color which surround a group of coins of different colors. To play Rainy falls, you click on a coin. This causes that coin, and every other coin of that color that it is in a group with, to be removed. When this happens, the coins fall down to fill in the space and new ones appear at the top.

To claim a ring of coins, you must click on the coins that make up the ring, that are touching the inside. To claim multiple rings at once, you must click on a coin that makes up the wall that is touching both insides. If a ring is claimed, it removes all coins that make up the ring and all coins inside the ring as well.

In this game, you will also be able to find a warm and welcoming community where you can find some help to complete your goals in the game. Come and Join Dragons’s Tale and start playing the most exotic games ever!

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