Visit Dragon’s Tale and Grow some Berries to earn Bitcoin

Dragon’s Tale is one of the oldest online Bitcoin Casinos around. The Casino was founded in back in 2012 and was the starting point of a new era for Bitcoin gambling. Dragon’s Tale was the first online gambling site to adapt a completely new genre in the whole Bitcoin gambling scene. Dragon’s Tale joined together role-play and gambling to design an incredible new way of casino gambling.

In Dragon’s Tale, you find an amazing 3D virtual world where you can play dozens of fantastic casino games that you won’t find anywhere else. One of these fun and easy to play games is the Berry Farming.

To play, find a fruit stand and buy any number of seeds of the various plants. The more the seed costs, the more the plant’s berries will pay. To plant them, go over the soil near the fruit stand and click on your avatar. Select “plant” and pick a seed to plant. It will remind you of the current fruit prices that the plant will pay the first time. You can click on your avatar again and the plant should be the first option. Plant the seed and a mound will pop up with

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