Vitalik Buterin theorises about monetising an Ethereum browser, the price of …

Decentralised computing system Ethereum is outgrowing itself and parts of the project are looking at various for-profit activities, which include exploring a vast potential in China.

Ethereum’s inventor, Vitalik Buterin, recently answered consternation about the funding of Ethereum and losses to its Foundation precipitated by a drop in the price of Bitcoin with a candid blog post.

The core of Ethereum is a public blockchain with a built-in Turing-complete programming language to allow users to build any kind of application on top – something many people in the crypto-community are protective of.

Buterin has talked about ways members of the Ethereum Foundation can explore alternative revenue streams.

He told IBTimes: “Maybe some developers from inside Ethereum are planning on starting some for-profits of their own and they are generally doing one of a few things.

“It could be building applications, stuff for people to use directly. Or working with businesses; so banks, IoT companies, private markets is one of the more popular recent applications.

“A third thing could be basically working on the front end. Just as a theoretical example, one of projects that Ethereum Foundation is starting and is continuing to work on is Mist, the Ethereum browser.

“In theory stuff like that

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