VK.com Database Up For Sale on Dark Web for One Bitcoin

The Russian Facebook, often referred to as VK.com, was hacked by unknown assailants. LeakedSource broke the news, as they have obtained a copy of the leaked database belonging to this platform. Over 100 million accounts have been compromised, and the data can be bought for the price of one Bitcoin.

Many people would not associate social networks with Russia, yet VK.com has quickly become incredibly popular in the region. Albeit the platform takes a lot of inspiration from Facebook, it is not a copy of the platform either. However, users will find similar features on both platforms, including like buttons and instant messaging.

Buy The VK.com Database With Bitcoin

But in this day and age of data breaches and hackers, no platform is safe from harm. VK.com was breached a few years ago, and hackers obtained account details of over 100 million users. This information includes full names, address information, phone numbers, and passwords.

Speaking of passwords, one of the people responsible for this breach mentions how the information was not encrypted by VK.com. If this is true, there is a worrying concern of how social media platforms are not taking proper precautions to protect consumer information. Especially passwords

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