VodaNet Integrates Bitcoin As a Payment And Withdrawal Method

Over the past 24 months, there has been a growing interest in using Bitcoin as a payment method.  Frictionless and global payments at a fraction of traditional payment processing costs, while not having to invest in additional infrastructure, seems to be a dream come true for merchants.  VodaNet is the latest company to accept Bitcoin transactions, and their vacation packages can now be paid for in virtual currency.

VodaNet Offers Discounted Vacation Packages for BitcoinDigitalMoneyTimes_MLM

The name VodaNet is relatively unknown to most people around the world, despite the company offering some of the cheapest vacations deals on the market.  But that is not the only service they have on tap, as there is an opportunity to make an additional income for anyone who wants to dedicate some time and effort to doing so.

As you may have guessed by now, VodaNet is a company specializing in Direct Selling – or Multi-Level Marketing [also known as MLM].  There is nothing wrong with MLM companies, even though they have a negative reputation in the world of finance and commerce.  Offering products directly to customers is one of the truest forms of free enterprise

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