Wall Street Goes Blockchain With Factom, Intrinio

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Blockchain-based data management platform, Factom, has announced its partnership with Intrinio, an application and financial data provider. The duo plans on putting Wall Street on the Factom blockchain to provide immutable and transparent US stock market data for the first time in history.

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Factom Intrinio Tether Wall Street to Blockchain Technology

FactomFactom tells press that their partnership with Intrinio will make relevant stock data available as a public service. The project hopes to align itself with applications that can validate and audit one of the world’s largest stock exchanges. Both firms believe this will increase trader confidence by creating a more transparent playing field.

Intrinio has built a custom API and pricing model targeted at developers looking for specific data types, making it profitable for the programmer. With Factom’s data layer integration, the two companies will reportedly make Wall Street’s data verifiable, transparent and more productive for the entire global economy.

David Johnston, Chairman at Factom Inc., comments on the partnership:

Intrinio is providing financial market data to Factom helping us build the foundational data sets for our users to audit their financial records. By publishing all

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