Wall Street loses top people at Bitcoin startups

With his doctorate in finance Timo Schläfer would have a good chance by Goldman Sachs. But the 34-year-old gave up the world of billion dollar deals and million bonuses and founded his own company, Crypto facilities, a trading platform for derivatives on the internet currency Bitcoin. “This is uncharted territory,” says Schläfer. “It’s a great opportunity to work on a new technology that has massive potential.” Just as he now think more and more top people and return of Wall Street’s back.

So far, the crypto currency has caused mainly by fraud and security breaches making headlines. Despite the bad reputation some financial experts now focus on the rise of the currency: Highly paid Wall Street managers leave their jobs to start startups, large corporations build their own Bitcoin departments. “A lot of people come into the Bitcoin world because it has become so large that they can be difficult to ignore,” said Jaron Lukasiewicz, founder of Bitcoin exchange Coinsetter.

This year, the investment in Bitcoin companies have been tightened: Was it 2014 yet total of 339 million dollars (309 million euros), this year already was $ 375 million alone in the first six months together. Angel List, an online marketplace for

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