Want to earn Bitcoin? Coinbase lists best services that will help!

San Francisco-based Bitcoin wallet and platform Coinbase has come up with a list of six ways by which a person can earn this virtual currency.

In a blog post titled 6 Ways to Earn Bitcoin, the company  mentions that while “buying Bitcoin on Coinbase is the best way for people with bank accounts in the US, Europe, Canada, and Singapore to get Bitcoin” yet there is also an alternate method by which one can own a Bitcoin and that is to earn it.

The company lists the best services to help a Bitcoiner in this regard and they are:

  1. Hackerone-Through this a security expert can earn several bits if he is able to pinpoint security vulnerabilities.
  2. Bitplay Today– This is an amazing option for those who love playing Android games like Bitcoin Crush, Bitcoin Flapper, and Bitcoin Hopper. All a gamer needs to do is play their best and then pocket bits for it.
  3. Premise– You have a smartphone? If yes, then why not use it to earn a few bits? Just download the Premise app and then take pictures that capture local economic data and hallelujah!  Get ready to count your bits!
  4. BitMaker– Again you only need a smartphone, and then download

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