Warning: If You Choose A Career In Bitcoin You Might Die Poor And Alone

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As we walked by a podcast talk during a new Bitcoin conference, we was done to laugh. “People contend Bitcoin mining isn’t profitable. Well, if we cave Bitcoin now, and if a cost goes up, doesn’t that meant Bitcoin was profitable?” 

The pivotal word there being “if.” That “if” creates a above-stated tender zero some-more than speculation, though leave it to a Bitcoiner to spin conjecture on a nascent record into a applicable business indication that people – generally immature bitcoiners – can count upon.

The existence in Bitcoin is a ubiquitous compensate for many people is around $10 per hour or less. People starting their possess companies protest to me all a time about how they can’t find developers to work on their projects since a developers are too bustling operative on their “pet projects” – expected doing some in-the-trenches coding for new Bitcoin apps some-more sparkling than a musings of non-developers or hobbyist miners with a bit of money saved up. Those people operative on a “pet projects” spend all of their waking hours operative for pennies.

If you’re a non-developing businessman in a Bitcoin space and we can’t find any developers, we am peaceful to bet

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