Was Proof of Stake the Right Move for Potcoin?


I have followed Potcoin since its inception. I was among the first to mine it. I minted a few dozen of the first blocks, using a not-very-powerful Scrypt miner that I had spent a significant sum on. It felt very “easy” to mine, and the price of it was over 600 Satoshi at a time when Bitcoin itself was still way over $600, daily.

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Mining Potcoin

I had a somewhat forced “break” with cryptographic stuff in general for several months. I came back to it all in November or so of last year. Mining with the little Gridseed I had previously used was not feasible, so I used MiningRigRentals.com and mined with much more powerful hardware.

Medical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in SeattleEarlier this year, at my last job, I did an interview with two of the guys who have taken over Potcoin. They were very clear on the fact that they had not

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