Watsi Lets Bitcoin Users Help Cover Medical Bills Of Those In Need


It is always good to see charitable organizations venture into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Watsi is an organization best known for their health care funding efforts for people around the world. According to their website, nearly 9,000 patients across 23 countries have received treatment through this initiative. As of right now, they are also accepting Bitcoin donations through Coinbase.

Watsi Ventures Into The Bitcoin Space

Whenever a global initiative is launched to provide healthcare to this struggling financially, it only makes sense to accept a global payment option as well. At the same time, these organizations need to accept as many popular payment options as possible. After all, not everyone in the world uses Bitcoin, although that could be a matter of time.

Watsi allows donors to met a patient who needs a life-changing form of healthcare. They can then move on to donate any amount to the good cause, starting at US$5. Donors will also receive an update after their patient receives health care,t o keep tabs on how they are doing while in recovery.

The organization is a big fan of transparency, and they keep a public record of their patient names, locations, and medical partners. The spreadsheet also shows how much money is required to provide them with the healthcare they need. It is positive to see charities present this information in such a transparent manner as there are often questions regarding how funds are used.

By accepting Bitcoin, Watsi is opening up their project to a whole new world of potential donors. Even though this is no guarantee for added success in the coming months, it won’t cost them anything to enable the Bitcoin option either. That is one of the primary reasons merchants have nothing to lose when it comes to accepting Bitcoin, as it won’t cost them anything.

Based on the information we have received, Watsi is accepting Bitcoin payments through a Coinbase account. It is good to see them go for a well-known company, rather than just posting a public address in the hopes of people sending money to it. Using Coinbase may not be the best option, though, as many Bitcoin community members are not too keen on this company as of late.

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