We Asked a Neuroscientist How Bitcoin’s Highs and Lows Affect a Brain

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Lit up. Image: Flickr/dierk schafer

The cost of a bitcoin is a variable thing. Two years ago this week, Bitcoin reached a highest cost ever: $1,242 for a singular silver in US dollars, adult from $12 during a commencement of 2013. Almost immediately after that peak, a cost began to sink, and currently a practical banking still hasn’t regained a former glory. The cost of a bitcoin simply continues to incline adult and down, from around $200 to only above $400 this year alone.

Every drop in cost elicits a state of emergency from some corners of a community, and a smallest convene has people losing their ever-loving shit. But for all a volatility, a obvious reason for Bitcoin’s cost changes hasn’t been found. Is it shadowy Chinese ponzi schemes? Investor-driven speculation? Intentional market manipulation? Maybe Bitcoin unequivocally is a destiny after all?

The answer, it turns out, could be in a heads, since for each change in Bitcoin price, there are neurons that light adult like a Christmas tree in response.

“It’s all in a brain”

Researchers have finished plenty of work examining a effects of changes

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