WeChat-Inspired Wallets Are Coming to Ethereum

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Ethereum will soon see its first wallet with a WeChat-like interface.

Expected to launching in alpha in the coming weeks, Status aims to provide a new interface for ethereum, one that more closely resembles popular apps users are accustomed to. Namely, with Status, users can call up and control decentralized applications (dapps) with instant messages from the mobile wallet.

The Android and iOS light client were inspired by the multi-purpose social messaging app WeChat, which, in addition to offering messaging, also allows users to pay for groceries and explore social media updates.

Status co-founder Carl Bennetts explained the idea was to build an interface that the average person will understand, so that they can tap the “new world” of crypto-technologies.

Bennetts told CoinDesk:

“What we came up with was a sort of hybrid between a messenger and a browser, with the idea that you can chat with decentralized applications in the same way that you would chat with your friends.”

Ethereum’s popular Mist wallet, funded by the non-profit Ethereum Foundation, has expressed similar vision for making browsing and interaction with so-called dApps easier, although Status is unique in that it makes dApps summonable by instant message.

Entering alpha

It still might be

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