Weekly Digest: Events that shabby a Bitcoin price

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This week was abounding with events that might means a change in a value of bitcoin. George Osbourne’s guarantee to make changes in a UK law system, a proclamation of a new proof-of-concept Blockchain-based remittance services from Visa Europe, and of course, a Ethereum Devcon1 conference, could all definitely outcome a cost of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Companies In London Consider George Osbourne To Regulate A Problem Of Opening Bank Accounts

UK Bitcoin companies face problems with opening bank accounts. Banks simply exclude to concur with startups concerned with Bitcoin in any way. Naturally, this alarms Bitcoin-related companies as it might means a certain series of problems in providing their services. George Basiladze, a CEO of Bitcoin wallet and sell use Cryptopay.me formed in London given 2013, told Cointelegraph:

“You might have auspicious regulations and a FCA might support and permit you, yet if we can't get a bank comment (just a customary one) we can't operate. This is easy. Not for BTC companies, though. If we contend that we are doing anything connected to bitcoins and bitcoin exchange, we will not get a bank comment in a UK. Banks do not like Bitcoin companies as they make their compliance

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