Weekly Round Up: Andresen’s retard distance proposal, Nasdaq’s blockchain plan and more

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Barclays contrast out Bitcoin technology

Barclays bank

One of a world’s largest banks competence be looking to get concerned in a bitcoin space. Barclays, a famed British multinational, is using a commander module to exam out bitcoins.

For now, a trials are usually during a “proof-of-concept” stage, definition that a association is only adhering a toe in a water, so to speak, though a elementary fact that a outrageous multinational is exploring bitcoin is good news.

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Former Nike exec is new CEO of Bitreserve

Six months ago, Anthony Watson, a immature hotshot CIO of Nike, abruptly left a sports attire hulk for personal reasons. In April, Fortune reported where he had landed: Bitreserve, a cloud income use that uses bitcoin. And now, not utterly 3 months into his time there, he has a new title: CEO.

That was fast. It’s a quick arise that is in gripping with Watson’s whirlwind career in a past year.

Source: Fortune.com

Ukraine to emanate a possess BitLicense and umpire Bitcoin

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