Weekly Round Up: Bitcoin free of VAT in Europe, chronicle 0.11.0 expelled and more

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This is given Bitcoin should learn from Litecoin

bitcoin_litecoinWhen Charlie Lee combined Litecoin, a china thoughtfulness of Bitcoin, he had usually one thing in mind and that was toimprove a resiliency of a whole cryptocurrency network.

He wanted to demonstrate a value of an altcoin. He saw some disadvantage in a Bitcoin network, though given he didn’t have any authority, he couldn’t do anything about it.

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How blockchain tech will change auditing for good

Following a Enron Scandal in Oct of 2001, something rare happened. For a initial time in a complicated history, nonetheless for a brief period, a tellurian review attention mislaid a many altered asset: open trust.

Although a attention has given recovered, and a manners have altered to extent a risk of another liaison of identical proportions, a intensity for auditor fraud, as unclosed in 2001, still remains.

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Bitcoin surges past $300 mark, “Grexit” increasingly likely

euro-1024x6601-351x185If you’re looking to pick

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