Weekly Round Up: More Bitcoiners shopping drugs online, ShapeShift leaves New York and more

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CEO of Overstock.com buys world’s initial Bitcoin bond for $500,000

patrick bryne bitcoinPatrick M. Byrne, a CEO of Overstock.com, done a news on Monday (8th) after purchasing the world’s initial cryptobond for $500,000.

Byrne’s Utah-based e-commerce sovereignty only launched a new height called TØ.com, that will offer $25 million in private digital holds regulating Bitcoin’s blockchain and a Open Assets protocol. The cryptobonds will be traded on an online distributed bill stable by cryptography.

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BitPay releases Copay after successful beta testing

After a year of testing, BitPay has launched, Copay, a secure and common Bitcoin wallet. BitPay advertises Copay as a “true” Bitcoin wallet rather than an online account, securing users’ personal supports with a choice of multi-sig.

On BitPay’s central blog, a association says that Copay is an outcome of a efforts put towards a idea it set for itself one year ago. BitPay aimed to build a Bitcoin wallet secure adequate for a company’s possess funds. BitPayclaims that when customers use Copay, they totally control their money. Copay users get secure, future-proof backups that concede entrance to

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