What 2016 Holds for Bitcoin Businesses

Charlie Woolnough is a co-founder of CoinCorner, a consumer-focused bitcoin services business. In this article, he gives his view on the current state of the bitcoin industry and what companies in the space should expect from next year.


The bitcoin industry is still years away from maturity. Unfortunately, many business were launched on the back of overly optimistic industry growth projections. The hard reality is, there just isn’t currently enough volume to support all the exchanges, payment gateways and wallet providers that have sprung up, let alone the number of secondary service providers, such as bitcoin compliance solutions, that have been created to support the first wave of service providers.

Belt tightening

Many of these businesses will need to take radical steps to survive the next few years while consumer adoption catches up with service provider expectation. We are already seeing signs of this where those business that haven’t been able to reach critical mass are forced to close, resize, pivot or merge with competitors.

Expect to see this trend accelerate in the next 12-18 months. Even those companies that have raised large amounts of investment aren’t immune to the situation. Indeed, they will

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