What are Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitcoin debit cards are a relatively new phenomenon in the Bitcoin world with the first brought out at the end of 2014. Although called bitcoin debit cards they are actually prepaid cards which means your bitcoin is converted into your currency of choice and stored on the card. Some in the community think they are quite controversial as they can charge large fees whilst some see them as a benefit as it makes the process of using your bitcoin at any store that one step easier, instead of waiting for the store to accept bitcoin.

The are a number of bitcoin debit cards on the market that are synced into either their own wallets, such as E-Coin, or to exchange systems such as the Shift Card with Coinbase. Most of these allow you to instantly top up your debit card from your bitcoin wallet and mobile apps are available to make it easier to do so. It’s becoming increasingly easier to get your bitcoin into a card that you can use anywhere.

bitcoin shift debit card

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