What Can Bitcoin Do For The Music Industry?

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The Bitcoin technology has a lot of applications, and the Music Industry is one of the areas where this new technology can bring up a lot of innovations. The underlying wizardry behind the Blockchain will enable the creation of a new ecosystem for content producers and consumers and to revolutionize the Music Industry.

The Blockchain is a digital ledger that is maintained by the users of the system.  The system uses cryptography and group consensus to avoid fraud and errors.

Before the Bitcoin technology there was no such thing as a non-duplicable piece of data, but now with the Blockchain content producers can develop ways to avoid unwanted duplication and illegal distribution, while acting as real proof of ownership.

Computers, the internet, cheap storage, and compression technology allowed people to digitize, replicate, and distribute original content at virtually no cost.  With the duplication and distribution threat, content was doomed, and desperate content producers had to turn to advertising to recover their investment.  This has given place to some horrible side effects since it would force content producers to produce bland, inoffensive content that is more commercial than artistic.

Not only does the Blockchain solves the problem of artistic content scarcity,  but it can also provide tracking and reporting capabilities that are faster, better and more efficient than a lot of the current systems.

Not to get into a long discussion about music rights but, to get the clearance to use songs or performances in a TV show or a movie and to make sure everyone gets paid is a nightmare.  Sometimes up to six different organizations hold their share of rights to one single song. So, in my OHNM case, I would have to get clearance from all parties to legally play the

Originally appeared at: http://www.newsbtc.com/2015/06/14/what-can-bitcoin-do-for-the-music-industry/