What can investors in hacked bitcoin firm do next?

Lawyers Jef Klazen and Randall Arthur, from law firm Kobre Kim, said Bitfinex customers may have legal recourse against the exchange, but it depended on their situation and contractual agreements.

“Customers who received the haircut might be able to assert some type of misappropriation claim against Bitfinex for having their accounts reduced in order to soften the blow to the customers whose accounts were hacked and suffered the losses,” they told CNBC via email.

“Other potential claims that might be available to customers are negligence or other tort claims arising from Bitfinex’s handling of their accounts, such as an alleged lack of adequate security features, and possible breach of contract claims.”

Joseph Schweitzer is an investor on Bitfinex whose account received the 36 percent haircut. He said he was frustrated, as he wasn’t invested in bitocoin but another digital currency, ether, which currently trades at $11.96 and has a market cap of $991 million. Bitcoin meanwhile is worth around $589 and has a market cap of $9.3 billion.

“I’m not invested in bitcoin, but another token that was not exploited here. The idea of [Bitfinex] dipping into USD, and

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