What Does the University of Maryland’s Bitcoin Research Lab Do?

Those of us who have been closely following the happenings in bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry have heard about National Science Foundation’s recent grant to three top universities in the United States for research on cryptocurrencies. University of Maryland is one of the recipients of the total $3 million research grant along with Cornell University and University of California- Berkeley.

A lot of us haven’t had a chance to know what kind of research these universities will be doing on bitcoin to receive a small fortune. Here is an insight to what the researchers at University of Maryland are up to and why are they doing what they are currently doing.

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According to one of the publications that interacted directly with the researchers from University of Maryland involved in bitcoin research has given us insights into what’s going on inside those computer labs. The main objective of university of Maryland’s researchers is to find out the cause for knowledge gap between bitcoin adoption and its understanding. They aim to eliminate this gap. This is the job of an academic institution as startups in the sphere will not

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