What Ever Happened to Thanksgiving?

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Photo Credit: Christian Hansen

Photo Credit: Christian Hansen

solari.com / By Kristen Linton / November 23, 2016

[CAF Note: In 2012,  I invited then Solari Report writer Kristen Linton, to write a special blog post to applaud a occasion. She wrote as America was recuperating from a final Presidential election. Her difference sojourn as timely as ever.  I wish we will take a time to suffer this smashing season  and anticipate a many blessings. On interest of all a members of a Solari Team…..Happy Thanksgiving 2016!]

It’s easy to forget about Thanksgiving. On Nov 1 we find yourself during a Target walking past a arrangement shelve of fake wigs, face paint, fangs, and witches hats that have found their approach to a front of a store during prices noted down 50% (What a steal. we totally need a pinkish angel shine stick! I’ll use it subsequent year). As we scuttle past a plateau of enticingly priced, high-fructose corn syrup pumped candy (why do we still have difficulty facing them even after examination countless documentaries about a poisons they contain?) we find yourself singing along to Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas”. Suddenly we shake your conduct in an Etch-A-Sketch suit and

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