What Ever Happened to Thanksgiving?


Photo Credit: Christian Hansen

Photo Credit: Christian Hansen

solari.com / By Kristen Linton / November 23, 2016

[CAF Note: In 2012,  I invited then Solari Report producer Kristen Linton, to write a special blog post to celebrate the occasion. She wrote as America was recovering from the last Presidential election. Her words remain as timely as ever.  I hope you will take the time to enjoy this wonderful season  and contemplate our many blessings. On behalf of all the members of the Solari Team…..Happy Thanksgiving 2016!]

It’s easy to forget about Thanksgiving. On November 1 you find yourself at the Target walking past a display rack of synthetic wigs, face paint, fangs, and witches hats which have found their way to the front of the store at prices marked down 50% (What a steal. I totally need a pink fairy glitter stick! I’ll use it next year). As you scurry past the mountains of enticingly priced, high-fructose corn syrup pumped sweets (why do you still have trouble resisting them even after watching numerous documentaries about the poisons they contain?) you find yourself singing along to Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas”. Suddenly you shake your head in an Etch-A-Sketch motion and wonder aloud, “Wait a minute! What ever happened to Thanksgiving?