What Happened to Bitcoin & David Seaman?

The deeper I dug, the more admiration for the self-made Sebag, both personally and as a sound money supporter. One evening during a conversation, I likened him to a millennial Jamie Dimon, and was swiftly corrected: “More of a J.P. Morgan,” Sebag shot back, annoyed. I agreed and said so. Sebag, a former hedge fund manager who has bailed out a number of prominent U.S. brands including American Apparel, set his sights fully on fixing the fractured financial system. And to him, building a payments network on the immutable, ancient first currency – gold – just made more sense, not only ideologically, but mathematically: you can move gold ownership around the world faster and cheaper than fiat currency, which was Sebag’s breakthrough realization after years of working within the traditional financial system and profiting from it greatly. It’s a realization that could net Sebag and his Colorado born co-founder Josh Crumb a number of devoted users in the years ahead.

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