What is Bitcoin Maximalism?

What is Bitcoin Maximalism?

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2016 has perhaps seen a proliferation of new schools of thought under the crypto-currency genre, particularly thanks to the best known of all cryptocoins: Bitcoin. Among the most recent: the notion of Bitcoin maximalism.

In short, Bitcoin maximalists look down upon alternative use cases outside the domain of Bitcoin; i.e. Ethereum, Litecoin, even your beloved Dogecoin.

A common thesis in this school of thoughts foresees a future of Bitcoin features, in which all of the things people want in a crypto-currency – for now, higher capacity and smart contracts – are coded atop the Bitcoin protocol. Soft forks have been executed in the Bitcoin use case before, and the experiment has momentum; that is, miners are interested in carrying on the tradition at high costs and expenses. Ethereum, furthermore, lots legitimacy over recent hacks.

In a video Bitcoin Uncensored Chris DeRose said:

And it’s the only one that matters because block chains work. There’s a saying that we have here in South Florida and in our circle that because block chains work, miners are incentivised to join the longest chain.

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