What role will Bitcoin play in the evolution of stock markets?

Compared with academic research carried out in previous years you may have noticed that many scholarly papers in 2016 have so far focused on analyzing Bitcoin’s potential future role, and in some cases examined user experiences of Bitcoin security and privacy [See: Krombholz, Judmayer, Gusenbauer and Weippl  (2016); SBA Research, Vienna, Austria].

Some commentators are predicting a price surge during the year, mainly due to a slower rate of growth in the money supply. You could conclude this indicates that Bitcoin is beginning to behave like a traditional currency, effectively responding to supply and demand. Is this enough to ensure it will have a central role in stock market development? Some traders believe so and you may be aware of those who have switched already from trading in commodities such as oil to a virtual alternative.

Supply and demand

Due to the slowing of the economy in China demand for Bitcoin there has increased. You will find the same is true of other parts of the world where there is financial insecurity – in some respects Bitcoin may be considered a favorable alternative. In the last quarter of 2015 the price of Bitcoin doubled, resulting in the most successful quarter of the previous

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