What You Should Pay Attention To in The 2016 Tech Industry

Even though not everyone is a fan of some of the current tech trends, that doesn’t mean they won’t become more viable in the not-so-distant future. Regardless of how people feel about certain technological marvels, they will play an important role throughout 2016 and the years to follow. Analytics, 3D printing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are slowly making their way to mainstream consumers all over the world.

Some Future Tech Trends Are Already Here

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The year 2015 was a great period for technological innovation, and several new tech trends started to emerge. Among those trends, we can identify four main sectors where technology will play an ever-increasing role of importance in the future. Not all technology trends have to be innovations, as the biggest industries are already among us.

First and foremost, 3D printing will reach more consumers around the world than ever before. Not just because there are more manufacturers creating affordable printing solutions for customers, but also due to more decentralized initiatives by companies such as 3D Hubs. Consumers are not necessarily looking for printing things at home, but they are willing to pay someone else a small

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