What’s In A Name? The Blockchain-Bitcoin Conundrum

Everybody’s talking about blockchain, but no one wants to utter the word that’s most commonly associated with it.


It’s like the ugly duckling of the digital currency underworld that just can’t seem to stay afloat in a sea of controversy. So much that the mainstream banks are talking about the concept of how to leverage its technology without actually having to talk or touch the concept of bitcoin.

That’s where the blockchain comes back into the mix — aka the swan of the blockchain-bitcoin tale. But sometimes, even if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. And even if you have a princess give it a kiss, it’s not going to turn that frog into a prince.

That’s the conundrum the blockchain and bitcoin have today. Most who are talking the blockchain admit that they don’t like to associate it with bitcoin, but everyone knows that you can’t talk blockchain without talking bitcoin.

But as MPD CEO Karen Webster pointed out in her controversial column this week, it’s imperative to separate the bitcoin from the blockchain — posing the questions: Can we agree to move time, energy and brain cells away from bitcoin as an alternative currency? And to disentangle the technology

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