Where Bartenders Put Bitcoin in Your Drinks

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Sometimes we wish our bartenders were as romantic as the ones in Dragons.tl.

The famous MMORPG casino platform, which places players in a virtual island filled with hidden treasures, also features a special gaming section called Drinks. While it initially sounds like a usual poker feature where one players orders drink for himself and others, the section turns out be very distinctive than its counterparts.

Dragons.tl Bitcoin BarDragons.tl Bitcoin Bar

Drinks is not just about letting your avatar carry an attractive glass of alcohol, but it also provides players the opportunities to earn Bitcoin rewards. As confirmed by Dragons.tl, the virtual bartenders that provide players with drinks have a knack of putting Bitcoins in them. So by the time a player finishes his/her drink, h/she could actually win some Bitcoin rewards.

“Once you have purchased the drink,” the website added, “you can continue playing the game and take your drink with you. Your avatar will occasionally take a sip from their drink. When the drink is finished, which tends to take a few minutes, you will may find some Bitcoins in the bottom of your

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