Where can you find online casinos that accept bitcoin?


Nowadays, more and more online casino players are looking for safe, secure and reliable methods of depositing money to online casino accounts. This is the reason why several casinos have started accepting a new digital currency known as Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

To define it, Bitcoin is a digital currency that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It is very much different from the traditional currencies such as Euro, Pound Stering and US Dollar. This is because it does not have any central bank and its sole operation is in peer to peer marketplace. Initially, this network started in 2009 and ever since then, it had a significant rise across the globe. As of now, more than just thousands of online casinos from all over the world are accepting bitcoin, including even the largest businesses.

Finding an online casino that accepts bitcoin

Considering the amount of online casinos accepting bitcoin is huge, finding one would not be a difficult task; a simple online search on top5onlinecasino.ca should do the job for you. Having said that, it is extremely essential to ensure reliability of the casino you are about to join. Even though infrastructure of bitcoin system is very safe, no intermediary like online wallets offers guarantee when you deposit fund to an online casino. Therefore you need to ensure that the online casino you are using is completely reliable.

Bitcoin accepting Casinos

When you start looking for bitcoin accepting casino sites, you will come across two main types of casinos. The first type are those which use their own gaming platform and others which are backed up by well-known gaming software providers serve as the second type.

When you look at some of the standalone online casinos using an in-house gaming software, you will often come across casinos that are very outdated. These casinos do not look appealing and the games they offer do not attract a lot of players. These often remind you of the online casinos when they first appeared in 1990s. These are the drawbacks which you do not have to face when you play at a bitcoin casino which uses established gaming platform.

Types of Casinos which accept bitcoin

Even though bitcoin has been accepted by a lot of online casinos, their usage in online casino market is much less as compared to traditional currencies. When you are looking for bitcoin accepting casino sites, those dealing solely with bitcoin is a very common choice. However, other casinos have started accepting bitcoin as withdrawal and/or deposit method along with other conventional methods.

  • Casinos accepting bitcoin only:

One main advantage of such type of casino is that account verification is not required when you withdraw or deposit funds to the casino account. All transfers are instant and players can enjoy anonymous online gambling.

  • Hybrid Casino:

Casinos accepting bitcoin along with other currencies process withdrawal and deposit via the bitcoin account of your choice. However, they convert the funds into other currencies when you deposit and back to bitcoin during withdrawal.


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