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Report estimates nearly 5M Bitcoin users by 2019

Report estimates nearly 5M Bitcoin users by 2019

Another year of bitcoin has come and gone. Another year that bitcoin believers thought would surely produce the fabled “mass adoption“, propelling bitcoin to new heights. Both in price and in utility. Another year that bitcoin has maintained fringe status, and new implementations like ethereum and financial blockchains promised to advance the technology. The price of bitcoin is up, that’s certainly good news for believers. But bitcoin is still stuck in limbo, consistently unable to define a use case, so has anything changed this year?

Bitcoin moved up in price, down in future supply, and laterally in real adoption. Debate over block size continues to split the community, and vicious debate over the future of the cryptocurrency has produced significant, and lasting divides. Censorship by Theymos and his cronies remains in place, triggering a “with us or against us” response from many bitcoin believers toward their own peers. Chinese exchanges still dominate the exchange landscape, and their massive volume remains unverified. (read:

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