Where The Bitcoin Community And Law Enforcement Can Find Some Common Ground

The Department of Justice, the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Coin Center have created a co-operative forum called the Blockchain Alliance, where they can work together to reduce crime in the digital currency space. A large portion of the Bitcoin community has reason to be distrustful law enforcement, for a variety of reasons. Either for political ideological reasons or practical reasons, because their line of work could be perceived as something law enforcement might take interest in. Those concerns, other than for those legitimately working in illegal spaces, are misguided.

Bitcoin needs law enforcement. That isn’t a popular thing to say for a digital currency that has so much of its ideology wrapped up in individualism, but it is nevertheless true. The cryptocurrency space has proven, over and over again, of being incapable of policing itself, at least in its current form with its current technology.

I have spoken somewhat disparagingly about Libertarians in the past, or more specifically their insistence that their ideology was Satoshi’s and is inseparable from the currency. But that doesn’t change the fact that I respect Libertarians for having a consistent world view and find intelligent Libertarians as some of the most enjoyable people to debate. There is

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