White Hat Hackers Could Have Crashed Ethereum Classic

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There seems to be some confusion regarding the white hat hackers who allegedly obtained the 7 million ETC from The DAO assailant. Whereas most people were under the impression this funds would be returned to DAO token holders, the reality is very different. Several of the transactions were sent to Kraken and Poloniex addresses. There is no official statement as to why this decision was made, or what it even means.

Keeping 7 million Ethereum Classic coins is not an easy task. Even if The DAO assailant had managed to gain control over the funds, there is no telling what could have happened. But as it turns out, self-professed white hat hackers are not trustworthy either. Particularly not when no one knows who is controlling the money right now.

ETC Price Recovers Despite White Hat Hackers Woes

One Reddit user pointed out how the original 7m ETC transaction was split into smaller transfers. A 500k ETC transfer was sent to what is believed to be a Kraken wallet address. Additionally, 250k ETC was moved to what appears to be a Poloniex wallet address. For now, it remains unclear whether either exchange received that funds,

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