Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto, Inventor of Bitcoin? It Doesn’t Matter

Every business news outlet wants to be the one to unmask the inventor of Bitcoin, who is known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Newsweek tried it in 2014, with disastrous results. A new book about bitcoin by a New York Times writer points to someone else. And now both Wired and Gizmodo are reporting that they’ve identified the real person (or people: Gizmodo suggests it was two men, one of whom is now deceased).

The two publications both point to Craig Steve Wright, an Australian man whose home and office were raided by Australian Federal Police just last night. The evidence is compelling, and they may be right. Or they may be wrong—Vice suggests that some of the “evidence” is problematic and points to a hoax.

The irony of all this sleuthing to reveal Satoshi’s identity is that it doesn’t matter one bit.

It doesn’t matter who invented bitcoin, the controversial but fast-growing digital currency and its underlying technology. It doesn’t matter for the future of the technology, and it doesn’t matter to most of its biggest supporters anymore.

Bitcoin is decentralized, which means it doesn’t need Satoshi to continue. And

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