Why a TechCrunch Editor Left His Job for a Bitcoin Startup

John Biggs, Freemit

Why did one of TechCrunch’s longest-serving editors leave a media giant for a bitcoin startup?

For outgoing East Coast editor John Biggs, the answer is that he’s been leading one already in his spare time for the last year. Peer-to-peer payments startup Freemit has been Biggs’ passion project since December 2014, and the company has since raised more than $150,000 from angel investors, according to data from Crunchbase.

Still, Biggs is just now making the leap to Freemit full-time, leaving his job late last month at a company he’d been with for nearly 10 years. According to Biggs, it was now or never.

“I basically quit because I knew that, first off startups are either time consuming or they’re not, and if you don’t make them time-consuming, you lose focus. I figured it’s time for a bit more hustle, it’s time for more focus,” he told CoinDesk.

Biggs suggested his departure was due to his confidence in the Freemit product, the team that built it and the size of the opportunity he believes the bitcoin industry has to disrupt financial incumbents.

Biggs said:

“We’re in a bind, right

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