Why Bitcoin Accelerators Need To Remain Vigilant In Their Search For Projects

Regardless of which aspect of finance you are looking at, startup companies are facing so many uphill battles these days, it is becoming incredibly difficult to succeed.  Most of that failure can be attributed to a lack of guidance from so-called “startup accelerators”, or lack thereof.  But even these accelerators themselves are failing to do a low influx of proper investment-grade companies.

Startup Accelerators – A Business Model That Has To Change? 

Most people view startup accelerators as a way for new companies to receive funding and guidance.  And while there is some merit to that statement, no one stops and asks where that money is coming from.  Startup Accelerators are a form of investment, by attracting promising teams and companies, investing in them with time and money, and expecting to see a return.

However, with so many startup companies failing after an initial round of funding, there is no real chance of getting a return of investment for startup accelerators either. Attracting teams which not only show a lot of promise, but who can deliver on that promise, is not as easy as it may sound.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of

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