Why Bitcoin Mining Pools Aren’t Incentivized to Broadcast Blocks …

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It is generally supposed that latency in retard propagation is one of a bottlenecks for Bitcoin scaling. This is because many of Bitcoin’s many active developers and researchers have presented a array of solutions to compress blocks and speed adult propagation over a past years.

It is not as good famous that these solutions might not sufficient on their own. Due to a use called “spy mining” or “pool-watcher mining,” Bitcoin mining has increasingly come to rest on a information and network infrastructure supposing by mining pools.

As a result, many mining pools are not indispensably incentivized to promote their blocks to a network as quick as they can — regardless of latency in retard propagation.

Selfish mining

To know how this is possible, let’s initial take a brief demeanour during an comparison concept: “selfish mining.”

In short, greedy mining is a form of conflict where miners find new blocks, though do not immediately promote these blocks to a network. The miners do, however, cave on tip of any new found retard they find themselves: they are mining “selfishly.” This gives them a conduct start to find a subsequent block, while all other competitors are wasting their resources

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