Why Bitcoin Should Embrace Stupidity


My first memory of the Internet involves four rows of pixelated hamsters, spinning and gyrating to music that sounds like it’s scraping your brain.

It was the late 1990s or maybe early 2000s, my family used EarthLink via a dial-up connection. I think we had a Compaq computer. Being only recently born, I found the website amusing, I shared it with my family, I laughed about it with friends. I probably watched it hundreds of times.

I admit this because, some fifteen years later, I still remember the website Hampster Dance. I can sing you the song. Being now older and burdened with the need for a certain serious disposition to the world, I’ve been thinking a lot about this experience in the context of bitcoin (and the blockchain) and the struggles of its advocates to communicate its value.

So, I want to take this time to talk about Hampster Dance. I want us to talk about Hampster Dance in order to highlight the extreme power of extremely dumb ideas. The Internet was communication, in all its raw, rambling and insane forms, and Hampster Dance is one of its finest

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