Why Bitcoin Spinoffs Are a Dumping Ground For Memes About Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

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“You really, unequivocally don’t wish to get concerned in this. But, there is some good news, it’s value $0.00000.”

It’s an surprising sales pitch, even in a universe of cryptocurrencies formed on bitcoin’s code—called altcoins, or infrequently “tokens” when they’re built on tip of bitcoin’s existent blockchain—where even things like digital income formed on a dog meme can get off a ground.

But Reddit user “AmadeusGoodrich” is adhering with it: They’re perplexing to give divided an admittedly meaningless token they only combined called Zohar to anybody who wants some. They’ve minted 1,000,000 of these tokens, according to a Reddit post on Thursday that announced a giveaway. AmadeusGoodrich will unpack 100,000 during a time to anybody who wants them. Why? Why not!

“It’s a pyramid scheme, only like your day job”

It’s misleading what, exactly, is going on here, though it certain looks like an scathing piss-take on how easy it is these days to emanate a code new practical banking and drum adult some passing value before cashing out. Sites like Counterparty, that AmadeusGoodrich used to emanate Zohar, are set adult to concede anybody to emanate a new token within a bitcoin blockchain.

Or maybe it’s only some

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