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Martin Hagelstrom is a bitcoin enthusiast and project executive and consultant working on IT projects at IBM.

In this opinion piece, Hagelstrom argues that the bitcoin community’s emphasis on block size in the scaling debate is concealing a larger, more important argument.

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Let’s start by agreeing on something: Bitcoin is a genius innovation that regulates both on an internal economy and the technology that governs it. This technology is also decentralized, and that makes the risk of a human screw up affecting the network much less likely.

But bitcoin is far from bulletproof. Right now, bitcoin developers are engaged in a battle over a change in the code that, if implemented and accepted into the network, would increase the data capacity of transaction blocks on the blockchain. Maybe it’s not a trivial modification, but it’s still a coding discussion.

But should we assume it’s non-trivial? What if the block size debate is really just a proxy war to avoid a much more important debate that should be taking place?

Let’s do some recap before I get to that point.

Classic vs Core

On one hand, we have the Bitcoin Core developers who have been maintaining the

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